Aegviidu nature trails

We all know that the best holiday is a holiday in nature. We believe that the region of Aegviidu together with Kõrvemaa offers the best possibilities for a diverse holiday with its 65 kilometre nature trails network.

Every trip in nature starts with choosing the right equipment. First, you must choose the appropriate clothes and footwear according to how long and active the forest hike is going to be. Take along a back bag with food and drink and of course your friends. Aegviidu nature trails await for hikers: Kakerdaja bog and Liiapeksi-Aegviidu hiking trail, Jussi and Paukjärve nature trail.

In addition to the RMK hiking trails, the visitors can use the region’s health tracks in Kehra, Nelijärve and Aruküla. Cycle and pedestrian tracks lead from Kehra to Kaunissaare and Põrgupõhja and from Aegviidu to Kõrvemaa and Jäneda.

If you are looking for an even more memorable experience, choose a nice campfire site where you can make yourself a delicious dinner. Just take along the necessary food supplies and have a cosy evening at a campfire in the forest. RMK has taken care to provide the necessary firewood on the spot for making a fire. There are several suitable campfire sites in the surroundings such as Noku, Krani, Kalajärve, Paunküla, Mägede and Kalmeoja campfire sites.