Aegviidu recreational depot has been created so that all our visitors could enjoy the possibilities of the region in peace. And since Aegviidu as the centre of Kõrvemaa encompasses more than 65 kilometres of well-maintained nature trails, we can assure that there is a lot to be discovered for a long time for visitors of all ages.

Having arrived in Aegviidu you may use our wardrobes and store your belongings in the lockers if you wish to do so. In that way you don’t need to worry about the small things and you can pay all your attention to discovering the nature trails as your things will be waiting for you in Aegviidu, nicely locked up.

Before arrival it is also good to get acquainted with the history of Aegviidu recreational depot, which takes us 150 years back in time. Thus, you can already spot significant details and get a more comprehensive experience of the whole area.